Welcome to Old Town Vapor Lounge, where we pride ourselves in excellent customer service, and are committed to bringing you the best experience possible.



Our highly trained staff are here to answer every question you may have regarding our products from the most complex to simplest of items.

We truly understand the knowledge that needs to passed on from one to another such as battery safety, starter kits, advanced vaporizers, and CBD use.

Customers truly do come first and that is our mission and reason for being, to give our customers the treatment they deserve.

As well as carrying not only high quality E-Liquid for your vaping pleasure, we have in stock full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil and CBD infused honey sticks from Pinnacle CBD.

Feel free to look at us as your friendly neighborhood Vape Lounge and Wellness Center.


We hope to see everyone very soon, and will be sure to greet every single one of you with a smile.

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